Vision and Mission


To be a Leading World Class Integrated Decontamination Services provider in overcoming global environment threats in oil and gas industry.


Our mission is to lead the industry in creating value for customer and stakeholder through the delivery of enhanced services and technologies that eliminate hazard, provide safe working environment, and shorten costly downtime while minimizing the total cost of operation for our client.

  1. Our Challenge:

    To enhance P3SS interest, to ensure revenue growth, giving above average returns.

  2. Our Business:

    To concentrate in becoming the leader in our core expertise, specifically in Toxic Decontamination Business.

  3. Our Customer:

    To make our customer inclusive of the end users and mankind.

  4. Our Shareholder:

    To provide protection and enhancement in their investment.

  5. Our Bottom line:

    To champion timely delivery, efficiency, high performance, goal-reaching culture, and profit growth.

  6. Our People:

    To possess high integrity, courage, commitment, innovation, creativity, competency and sound knowledge.

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