Process-3 Services Solution SDN BHD (P3SS) position itself in Malaysian success stories. Developed in 2005 by a passionate chemist, P3SS focused in eliminating toxic elements in Oil & Gas industries.

From the very start, P3SS has developed selective toxic decontamination chemicals that are biodegradable and safe to use. With this specialty, we were granted Vendor Development Program (VDP) member by PETRONAS, and continue to serve what we do best, 0% failure rate in removing LEL.

Our development in specialty chemical and cleaning harsh, hazardous toxic elements, such as Hg, CN & BTEX, led us to innovate a new technology in solving industrial wastewater and hazardous waste.

Process-3 Services Solution continues to eliminate toxic from your process line & vessels, wastewater, soil and underground water as well as household products for a better environment.


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